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Seasonal studio - open during spring / summer.


Now you have the chance to learn how to surf or level up your surfing with Österlen Surfcenter and Swiftr!

Controlling the ocean and being able to surf is an amazing lifelong gift to yourself or someone you love.
During a lesson of 2-3 hours you have the opportunity to pop up in an open wave for the very first time, or develop your surf skills. We guarantee you a big smile and some unforgettable hours with us in the Baltic Sea. We give you confidence to paddle in and jump up in your first wave ever!

Learning how to surf should be safe and fun! All our surf instructors are certified and have tons of experience. Theoretical and practical knowledge is mixed during the session in the optimal way for your group. We are very familiar with the surroundings and will always plan so that our classes are at the best surf spot for the day.

Don't miss out on this opportunity, book your class today!

Bra att veta

  • As a Swiftr-member you only pay 250 kr for a lesson (instead of 350 kr). Book through the app, check in and pay on site.
  • Österlen Surfcenter will provide wetsuits, glowes, shoes, hoodies and surfboards.
  • The only thing you need to bring is swimming clothes and a towel. We are looking forward to having you!

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Seasonal studio - open during spring / summer.

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Fånga vågen - Vågsurf med Österlen Surfcenter och träna fritt på över 400 andra anläggningar redan idag!

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