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Footvolley is a sport very similar with beachvolleyball but instead of using hands and arms you play with your feet, hence why it's called footvolley. It makes the game very funny!

Traditionally you play on sand but it can be hard in the beginning so Vitor and Fabricio have made special classes where you play on grass to begin with. On the grass you can take advantage of the boll bouncing on the ground and it's easier to move around. The goal is to be able to play a whole and consistent game, no matter what level or prior skills you have, and to have a fun experience while doing it!

This is all about the fun in the game. Come, give it your all and finish off with a swim afterwards!

Bra att veta

  • The location is Sätrastrandsbadet, Skärholmen. From Sätra subway station it's about 2 km to walk. Closest bus stop is Alsätravägen, about 1.3 km to walk.
  • Bring a full water bottle and aprorpiate clothes and shoes, you might fall in the grass.
  • You can play barefoot if you want.

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