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Move into stillness with Cecilia Hartman Yoga

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Moving into stillness.

Yoga doesn't only build strength, balance, stability, and flexibility in body and mind, it gives you the tools to land in your body and in the present moment, and to find stillness.

Cecilia Hartman Yoga offers slow flow classes with all the trimmings; pranayama, asana, mantras, meditation, and mudras, in different beautiful locations outdoors in Malmö. The classes are open to all levels, just remember to listen to your own body.

When booking a class, always check the class description to see the address for each occasion. I offer yoga classes in different locations outdoors in Malmö:
- Sibbarp - right by the sea, close to brygga C
- Hammars park - the beautiful park in Limhamn/Bunkeflo on the big grass field
- Kungsparken - in the center of the city, in a quiet spot by the statue Solrosen

Bra att veta

  • These classes will be taught in English, unless everyone attending speak Swedish, then they will be in Swedish.
  • There are public bathrooms available near our outdoor spots, but please come prepared and dressed according to weather.
  • You need to bring something to practice on, a mat or towel, water bottle, and perhaps a blanket and something to put over your eyes for the relaxation. We practice barefoot.
  • Please arrive in good time before class, to be able to check in, find a good spot, and settle in before we start. Also make sure to turn off your phone and put it somewhere you can't see it, like in a bag.
  • The class will be cancelled if it rains, you will then be notified approximately an hour before class start.

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