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Hello, and welcome to the terms and conditions of your Swiftr membership!

This is the membership agreement between us, Swiftr, and you as a member with us, and these are important since they include your rights. We therefore ask you to carefully read through these terms and conditions, as well as our privacy policy. We wish you a happy reading!

Thank you for choosing Swiftr! These terms and conditions shall apply to all purchases / subscriptions / utilization of services made on Swiftr 's website ( or any other website provided by any company in the Swiftr group), mobile application or mobile website, collectively referred to as “Swiftr”.

When purchasing and utilizing a service through Swiftr, you as a customer/member have agreed to the terms and conditions stated and described below.
Swiftr complies with applicable mandatory law legislation.
Products and services (such as studios and classes) available on Swiftr at a certain point does not guarantee that these products or services will be available for all future. Swiftr reserve the right to remove a product or service at any time.
We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without notifying the consumer. The version of the terms that was last published is also the version that is valid. We encourage our members to stay updated on the membership terms.

Below is some practical information on how your Swiftr membership works.

Swiftr reserves the right for any bug or installation failure and cannot be held responsible for any damage as a result of such failure.
Swiftr is not responsible for, and is not obliged to compensate for loss of or damage to, things that the member brings about when using Swiftr's services.
Swiftr assumes no responsibility for any damage, treatment or harm inflicted on a member by a third party, such as a partner studio or any of Swiftr's affiliate partners.
Please note that third party collaboration partners such as partner studios may provide separate terms which mean that you, as a member and the user of a third party's services or offer, are also bound to comply with such terms.
Swiftr takes no responsibility for the content of these terms and we urge our members to read through all such terms and conditions.
You as a member are responsible for all information and content that you share through Swiftr 's website or applications. Swiftr does not take responsibility for anything that third parties publish on our social channels.
Swiftr is not responsible for any injury or damage to you or caused in connection with training at our partner studios or using our service. Avoid damage to yourself and others by using the right type of equipment, showing consideration, avoiding jewelry and watches or the like that could fall off and be a harm to anyone and to always follow your doctor’s ordinations. We furthermore recommend you have a sufficient health insurance plan. If you as a member find a loophole or bug in the system that causes the membership to not work as agreed, you should notify Swiftr. It is not allowed to systematically take advantage of loopholes or bug for your own advantage. You are obliged to pay for the period that your membership has been active.

If you have any questions regarding you membership you are welcome to contact us at or in our chat.

Swiftr is obliged to collect personal data for the execution of the agreement. Personal data refers to any kind of information that can be directly or indirectly attributed to a natural person who is alive. The information provided at registration is processed by Swiftr. You are entitled to request an extract once a year for the information that is registered about you. If any information is incorrect, incomplete or misleading, we will of course correct it if you notify us. You can also request that the information about you be deleted. Swiftr only uses the information for the proper performance of the agreement and does not sell the personal data to third parties. By accepting these Terms (Member Terms) you also approve that Swiftr may collect and process your personal data.

Swiftr is exempted from fulfilling the delivery of sits service due to special circumstances beyond Swiftr's control and which Swiftr could not reasonably have expected at the time of the agreement. Examples of these include labor conflict, natural disaster, fire, accident, war, government decisions or other circumstances that have been beyond Swiftr's control and which have a significant impact on Swiftr's ability to fulfill the agreement.

All of Swiftr's applications, trademarks, logos, domain names etc. are Swiftr's property and may not be used for any commercial or non-commercial purpose without Swiftr's consent.

Swiftr strives to ensure that all customers are satisfied. We always try to reach a mutual agreement with you in the first place if something has gone wrong. If, despite our efforts, we cannot agree, we recommend that you contact the General Complaints Board for an independent review. Of course, we follow the recommendations of the General Complaints Board.

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Last updated: July 1st 2022